Laura grew up in Connecticut. One of her earliest memories was a craft class for children at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In the center of the table were rolls of glossy ribbon, and colored paper. It was here that Laura’s passion for design was born.

She cut and pasted her way through life finally arriving in West Virginia to study art in college. The hills of West Virginia proved to be the beginning of her love for things rustic, handmade and old. After college she moved to New York City. There she spent endless hours visiting galleries, museums, eclectic shops and auction houses. Her time in the city continues to inform her work today.

In 1999 she began designing textiles for Chandler 4 Corners in Manchester, Vermont. Over the course of the past 27 years, Laura has created over 6000 designs for production and distribution through premium catalogs, boutiques and online retailers.

Laura resides in Vermont on her country farm with her husband Chris and Cheddar the cat. When not designing she enjoys skiing, hiking, swimming, antiques and all things artistic.